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Family owned and operated, one year warranty on all automatic unit-6 months on transfer cases and standards (unlimited mileage), converter is included in rebuild price, installations available, delivery available throughout AZ, 4L60E Chevrolet transmissions in stock and starting at $650.

Petes Transmissions is a Phoenix transmission repair service that has withstood the test of time. We are happy to be trusted as a knowledgeable team of experts here to help.

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• BBB Accredited
• ASE Certified
• ATSG Member

We Specialize In:

  • Transmission Rebuilds
  • Transmissions Service
  • Transfer Cases
  • Clutches
  • Shift Kits

Your Vehicle Says a Lot about Phoenix Transmission Repair Service

In some ways vehicles can be compared to humans. Devoid of proper checkups and care both will have a rough ride. Like humans need medical checkup, your vehicle requires certain preventive maintenance work and repair jobs to keep it in first-rate driving c Your car is sending you subtle hints – increased fuel consumption, emissions, unusual noise, and decreased pick-up speed. There can be no bigger hint than your vehicle stopping right in the middle of the traffic or the highway. When the need is an effective understanding between you and your car, a qualified Phoenix transmission repair service is your best bet. They know all there is to know when it comes to car maintenance, and repair. Work with the best consultants in terms of car repair and maintenance. There is no difficult terminology – they talk to you in a language that will make sense. You can be rest assured about the quality of their service. Only the best of customer-oriented personnel will be working on your car.

Transmission Repair Service: Superior Experienced Service

A quality Phoenix transmission repair service excels in providing a precise analysis and repair of your auto and transmission problem. Through a combination of the latest in computer diagnostics and professional technicians, your transmission problems Most transmission work is beyond the abilities of the DIY mechanic and would involve a lot of guess work. Thankfully guess work is the last thing you’ll find with a qualified Phoenix transmission repair service. Doing things right the first time is how they define quality. To detect and diagnose transmission problems precisely and do the subsequent repairs get your car to a knowledgeable Phoenix transmission repair service. This provides a helping hand to ease your current headaches and avert expensive repairs down the road. It helps you get away from empty promises that come with expensive but pointless replacement of parts and repeated repair jobs. For both automatic and manual transmission cars, the services come at very reasonable and competitive prices and are covered by a warranty.

To begin with, you can have a free consultation with a qualified Phoenix transmission repair service. This can be done over the phone, in person or sometimes even online. You can also call the service and make an appointment for a comprehensive analysis of your car. They offer diagnostic services involving expert technicians with years of experience in transmission services. Once the technicians complete the evaluation they can give you a cost estimate on the repairs and you won’t have to worry about a lot of unforeseen charges building up. This can help you stay within your budget.

Phoenix Transmission Repair Service: Proficient Total Performance

The main focus of a skilled Phoenix transmission repair service is to understand and deliver what it takes to make your car run properly again. Highly skilled personnel guarantee finest workmanship whether it’s a minor tuning job on your transmission or major repair work. Minor tasks like routine checking of a slipping transmission, replacing the fluid or recognizing leaks are crucial. They work together to keep your transmission functioning effortlessly. And all these services are swiftly and meticulously handled while you wait.

Most parts in a vehicle rely on the proper function of a number of other parts. Never neglect routine maintenance of your car or any symptoms of likely problems. This is a sure-fire way for inviting trouble. Are you having problems with shifting? Power steering working not as it once used to? Tires are wearing out and need to be replaced, balanced, and aligned? These are minor problems but they have a negative impact on the performance of your transmission. These things help in maintaining the prime conditions of your transmission, suspensions and avoid engine wear and tear. But most importantly, they ensure your own personal safety on the road. Talk to with your Phoenix transmission repair service if you suspect any problems with your vehicle.

Transmission problems can occur anytime. Be on the alert. Do you see a wet mark right under the front of the vehicle? It might be the AC but have a closer look. If it feels like more than just clear water get your vehicle checked. One of the signs of a transmission leak is an oily red spot. Have an experienced Phoenix transmission repair service technician evaluate and deal with any signs of trouble. This saves you money and effort in future and also ensures you don’t find yourself in a tight spot with your car. Let your only concern be to keep your vehicle in optimum working condition with routine maintenance checks and tune-ups. Avoid expensive repair jobs. Make your life as smooth as your ride by gearing yourself towards stress-free situations.

Transmission Repair Service: Client-oriented Professionals

During free consultation sessions, all of your questions are answered promptly and thoroughly by courteous and professional staff. It’s an honest assessment you desire and that’s what you’ll get, be it a mere adjustment, a minor repair, or a major problem to be addressed. Highly accomplished and experienced technicians who are certified will handle the transmission repair of your vehicle. You will become a loyal client of Phoenix transmission repair service by experiencing the rapport and dependability of the staff. They know your car’s history, track record, and transmission state and hence can provide immediate services. It’s important to maintain the condition of your car and if you ever decide to trade it in you’re likely to get more for it. Expert estimation and understanding will be at your fingertips to back you up whenever you need them.

Taking care of your car is the best way to ensure your car will take care of you. You won’t need to worry while other family members are driving. A dependable Phoenix transmission repair service takes all the necessary care of your car so that the entire family can drive safe. Compromising on the safety and performance of your vehicle is not advisable. When your car is giving you signs do not ignore them. It’s the best way to discover how your car can best serve you.

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